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Why Special Event ATM Machines Can Help Independent Comic Book Artists At Conventions

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Buying a table at a comic book convention is a great way to get your name out there. However, you should also think of pitching in with other attendees and renting a special event ATM. These machines can help you and your compatriots make even more money.

Making Money At Comic Conventions Relies On Impulse Buying

If you are an independent comic book artist who bought space at a comic convention, you are competing with some pretty big names. Standing out requires being willing to grab the attention of potential buyers and hooking them in with a pitch. It also requires understanding the nature of impulse buying at these conventions.

Impulse buying often occurs when a person sees something that they vaguely want and decide to buy it. For example, they may find your comic attracts their attention and interests them as a person. One concern, however, is that your potential buyers may run out of money before they reach out.

Attendees May Spend Their Cash Rather Quickly

The largest Comic Con in 2016 cost the average person about $1,600 to attend. These costs included traveling, ticket prices, and items purchased. As a result, these conventions often see people burning through a lot of money rather quickly. Unfortunately, this may result in them spending all of their cash and making it hard to buy your books.

As a result, it is a good idea to consider the benefits of a special event ATM. Talking to the people who will share tables around you and splitting the rental cost is a good idea because all of you will benefit from one of these machines near your tables.

Why Special Event ATMs Are Useful Here

Special event ATMs can be rented for a short period by any number of people. It will dispense money from a person's bank account and allow them to buy more items at a comic convention. You and others at the convention may be able to talk the owners of the convention into renting a handful of these machines. Each is insured to ensure that nobody loses money if they are stolen or robbed during the event.

Even better, installation experts will find a location that works well for the convention and place multiple units around the area. Try to get one positioned near you. In this way, you make it easier for buyers at a convention to have the cash on hand to impulse-buy your books.