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Three Things To Remember When Selling Your Gold Jewelry

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You've probably seen more advertisements than you can count about how you can sell your old, unwanted gold jewelry for money. As frequently as these ads are, you probably don't know quite as much about the process as you think. If you're considering selling your gold, here are some of the key things you want to keep in mind.

It's Not A Scam

If you've been hesitant about selling your pieces because you think it's a scam, take this idea out of your mind. When you partner with a licensed and experienced appraiser, you are getting professional service. A professional appraiser won't simply tell you what they will give you for your piece without really looking at.

Instead, they will examine the piece and offer you a price after a detailed appraisal has been performed. You can then make up your mind if you want to accept the offer, without any pressure. Partner with a professional for protection.

Perfection Isn't Necessary

Keep in mind that your pieces don't have to be in perfect condition before you can sell them. There is a common idea among some that if the jewelry doesn't look great, you can't sell. This idea primarily comes from the idea that the pieces will be resold, as is. The reality is that a variety of things can happen with the gold.

While some might be sold as is, others will be melted down and used for another purpose. For this reason, no piece of gold jewelry is too mangled to be considered. Take any piece you have and let the gold buyer tell you if it's not acceptable or not. Don't assume on your own.

It's Not A Long Process

You also want to remember that the gold buying process doesn't have to take a long time. You don't have to be fearful that you will be waiting to receive your money a long time after you have actually handed over the piece. In many instances, it's a rather short process once you determine that you do in fact want to sell.

If you sell the piece through the mail, the cash payment will be mailed out to you promptly and if you decide to sell to a local dealer, you may even get your payment the same day.

Whether you need the money for bills or a vacation or you simply want to get rid of some old pieces you no longer need, selling your gold jewelry is a great option.